Tea Pot

This Teapot serves not only the perfect pot of tea but is beautiful for display as well.  Makes a wonderful gift, particularly when teamed with our creamer and sugar! Holds about 48oz.  
(Bauer Orange $74.95 - Seasonal Colors (If available) Market Value - Poppy Red (If available) Market Value)
Aqua Bauer Orange Bauer Yellow Black Butter Cream Chartreuse
Chocolate Dove Gray Evergreen Federal Blue French Blue Fern Green
Lime Green Midnight Blue Parrot Green Poppy Red Turquoise White

Burgundy, Evergreen, &  Fern Green have been discontinued, however, we may have some items available on our special offerings page.   Black, Chocolate Brown, Midnight Blue and Poppy Red are seasonal colors and in very limited supply. We may have some items in stock in these colors. If you are ordering a seasonal limited color, we advise that you check with us for market value and availability before you complete your order.